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Eyebrow Aftercare

🤍Eyebrow Permanent Makeup Aftercare🤍

💗Day of:

Blot/wipe brows every hour for 6 hours with wipes provided by Becca.

• After the last blot/wipe apply a thin layer of ointment.

• Before bed wash with lukewarm water and dial soap to remove excess fluid, pat dry let set for a few minutes before applying ointment. 🎀 * Wiping and gently washing today are essential to prevent thick scabs! Thick scabs = poor retention!


💕Day 1-10 or (until scabs/flakes are gone and eyebrows are healed, some may take longer then 10 days)

Wash gently 1 time per day using fingers and dial soap for approximately 10 seconds. Let eyebrow dry completely before applying ointment. Apply ointment 2-3 times per daily as long as the skin is still scabbed/flakey, and even after. The ointment will the skin to regenerate faster and better. Avoid additional water (for the PMU area) no sweating, saunas, lakes, pools, oceans or tanning. You may shower and wash your hair. Do not stand with your brows directly in the shower stream. Please wear a hat if you are outdoors. Do not pick or peel any scabs or flakes... this can cause scarring and remove pigment. Do not brush your eyebrows with a spooley. Do not use any ointments other then those provided. One month following the procedure do not use anything containing acids around the eyebrows. DO NOT have prolonged sun exposure or tan for a minimum of 4 weeks after your appointment.

👎🏻*Do NOT over apply ointment a thick layer will suffocate the skin, delay healing and can also cause poor retention. Less is more!

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