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Permanent Eyebrows
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The Answers You Need

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique which employs tattoos as a means of producing designs that resemble makeup, such as eyeliner, eyebrows, and lips. It is also used to restore or enhance the breast's areola, such as after a mastectomy or another breast surgery. Most commonly called permanent cosmetics, other names include dermapigmentation, micropigmentation, and cosmetic tattooing,

Where did Permanent Makeup originate?

The first documented permanent makeup treatment was done by the famous U.K. tattoo artist Sutherland MacDonald in 1902 at his parlor, in London, "all-year-round delicate pink complexion" on the cheeks. In 1920s this "London fad" crossed the Atlantic, and the "electrically tattooing a permanent complexion or blush on the face" became popular in the USA. The tattooist George Burchett, a major developer of the technique when it became fashionable in the 1930s, described in his memoirs how beauty salons tattooed many women without their knowledge, offering it as a "complexion treatment ... of injecting vegetable dyes under the top layer of the skin."

What is the difference between Microblading & Powder Brows (Ombre, Foxy, Stardust)?

Microblading is a cut made into the skin with a hand tool to mimic a hair stroke. Powder brows are much more gentle on the skin as they implant the color with much less trauma due to the in and out motion of the machine. Microblading long term is not advised as the repeated cutting typically produces scar tissue over time. Microblading needs refreshed annually where powder brows need refreshed every 1-3 years.

Do I need an actual consultation first?

Your consultation is factored into your new service appointment. The first hour will be your consultation. Occasionally, under special circumstances, a doctor's release will be requested before hand. Sometimes a photo of the area may be requested if it's a cover-up. You can always send a photo beforehand if you have specific questions.

During the new service appointment, we will go over shape, color, and desired end result. If you are unsure of a service when booking, pick the longer service. This will ensure you have time to do either service if you end up deciding on the longer service.

Where are you located?

Becca is based at The Institute for Beauty, Wellness, & Regenerative Medicine in Tulsa, OK

How Long is the Healing Process?

The healing process is unique to each person. Average Healing for Eyebrows & Eyeliner is 7-10 days. For Lips it is 3-5 days. Once the treatment area has peeled the client will feel that they are healed; However, the skin will be completing the process beneath the skins surface for 8 weeks post procedure. The treatment area will bloom weeks 4-8 due to this.

What should I avoid before Permanent Makeup or a Tattoo?

Did you know that many over the counter pain medications thin your blood?
How does this affect your Permanent Makeup or Tattoo?

Popular over the counter options will cause an increase in bleeding during your appointment. This increase in bleeding could carry pigment/ink out of the skin with the blood.
If you are advised by your doctor to take a medication or supplement daily... DO NOT STOP! You must contact your doctor before stopping any medication. Although these medications cause increased bleeding that may cause less color retention, your health is more important.

Typically, the client may still have the procedure it could just require an additional touchup.
Best Option:
If you wake up the day of your appointment (or the days leading up to) with an ache or pain. Acetaminophen is a better over the counter choice.
Natural Blood Thinning Supplements to Avoid:
 •Fish Oil/ Omega 3 •Turmeric •Ginger •Cayenne peppers •Vitamin E •Garlic •Cinnamon •Ginkgo biloba
Try to avoid these medications and supplements a minimum of 3 days before your appointment.
Alcohol thins your blood, which means it causes excess bleeding. When you bleed more than normal, it compromises the quality of the PMU or Tattoo. Pin point bleeding is expected... additional bleeding can an indication of recent alcohol consumption.
Side note: Yes, your blood will tell on you!
Limit alcohol 24 hours before your appointment...Where one glass of wine with dinner, the night before, may not affect your healing.... multiple cocktails or glasses of wine will! It’s better to just skip it all together. ❤️
Limit Caffeine the day of your appointment! Caffeine is a stimulant and will cause you to feel an increase pain and potentially bleeding. I have personally noticed when I drink caffeine before an appointment.... it DOES cause much more discomfort along with increased swelling!
8 hours before your appointment skip your daily coffee! ❤️

What is the difference between lip filler and lip tattooing?

Lip tattoos are to enhance lips, not create actual fullness or volume.
This procedure is designed to define and add color to lips, not to create volume. Part of the process is outlining right on the border of the lip...where the color begins receding in our early 20’s. This creates the illusion of more full lips.

Filler is specifically designed to add volume to your lips. Since often times asymmetry in lips is due to volume loss, Lip filler can often also correct symmetry.

Both Lip Injections & Lip Tattooing are complimentary services. They look absolutely beautiful together. Where you certainly can get one without having the other... They are absolutely beautiful together.

Which should you get first?
That is a personal choice. Many find that they are unsure if they want filler if they have not had it before. In this case, we do the tattooing first. Then you can decide if the color was enough to achieve your desired look. Filler can be done 30 days prior or 30 days post Lip Tattooing.
P.s. my lips have both and I love how complimentary these services are to each other.

Water and Permanent Makeup

Let’s talk about water and your fresh Permanent Makeup.

Common questions:

Q: Can I shower and wash my hair?
A: Yes! Just avoid long hot steamy showers or standing with the shower stream directly on your fresh PMU. This could cause very poor retention and premature peeling resulting in little to no retention.

Q: Can I sweat?
A: No, aside from the infection risk... salt (found in saline removal and sweat)removes pigment from open skin. If you sweat you will not only increase your risk of an infection... you WILL ruin your results.

Q:Can I swim?
A: Being in a pool in a shady spot with a hat and large sunglasses is not an issue... However, face down swimming pool, lake or ocean water on your fresh PMU is not allowed. There are multiple reasons for this...

1) the harsh chemicals in pools are not good for your healing skin.

2) The risk for infection or a healing issue will increase significantly.

The list goes on but you get the idea!
You can submerge your face again once the skin is fully healed.

Q:Can I wash my eyebrows?
A: Yes! You may wash the area 1 time per day for approximately 10 seconds with the soap provided in your aftercare bag.

A friendly reminder: NEVER apply ointment to a tattoo or PMU that is still damp. You must let the area dry completely before applying ointment! 💋

How do we pick color?

We pick color based on your natural undertones. Becca will help guide you but you can bring your favorite lip color, brow pencil, and makeup so we can choose a color based on your favorite products.

Do I need to buy anything special for aftercare?

You are provided all your aftercare at your appointment. There is no need to go to the store and purchase anything.

Will I need a touch-up?

Yes. Becca prefers 8-10 weeks after your first appointment. The skin is not fully healed until this point. You cannot come earlier than 6 weeks for your touch-up. If you wish, you can schedule your first appointment and touch-up all online at once.

The touch-up appointment is to perfect. It is where we make all minor necessary adjustments. It's the magic appointment, when you will see your desired result because pigment will build.

*Touchups are not included in New Service cost.

What is a color boost and how often will I need one?

A color boost is likely needed every 1-3 years to boost vibrancy and retouch any fading due to the elements and lifestyle.

Can I bring a friend?

Unfortunately, the answer is no.


The treatment room does not have sufficient space to add seating for a guest.

We are located inside a cosmetic surgery practice where patient privacy is very important.

The friend can be a distraction. It is nearly impossible for someone to sit still and refrain from conversation for 2+ hours. They will unintentionally take attention off the client asking questions and cause your appointment to run longer.

However, if you and your friend have back to back appointments, please let us know. That will be the only exception to the policy. Due to spacing, they will likely have to wait in the waiting room.

Will I be filmed?

That is largely up to you and timing. If you are comfortable with your service being filmed for social media, let us know. We love to film our clients! If you don't want to, we won't. That's fine too! If you have restrictions about identity, we can also accommodate. We want you to be comfortable.

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