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Let’s talk about water and your fresh Permanent Makeup..


🙋🏼‍♀️Common questions:

🚿Q: Can I shower and wash my hair?

🚿A: Yes! Just avoid long hot steamy showers or standing with the shower stream directly on your fresh PMU. This could cause very poor retention and premature peeling resulting in little to no retention.

💧Q: Can I sweat?

💧A: No, aside from the infection risk... salt (found in saline removal and sweat)🧂removes pigment from open skin. If you sweat you will not only increase your risk of an infection... you WILL ruin your results.

🏊‍♀️ Q:Can I swim?

🏊‍♂️A: Being in a pool in a shady spot with a 👒 hat and large 🕶 sunglasses is not an issue... However, face down swimming pool, lake or ocean water on your fresh PMU is not allowed. There are multiple reasons for this... 1) the harsh chemicals in pools are not good for your healing skin. 2) The risk for infection or a healing issue will increase significantly... The list goes on but you get the idea!💡

You can submerge your face again once the skin is fully healed.

🧼Q:Can I wash my eyebrows?

🧼A: Yes! You may wash the area 1 time per day for approximately 10 seconds with the soap provided in your aftercare bag.

💯A friendly reminder: NEVER apply ointment to a tattoo or PMU that is still damp. You must let the area dry completely before applying ointment! 💋

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