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Botched Ink Removal certified

💗New Service Announcement 💗

I am very pleased to announce I will now be offering #botchedink 🎉I am an official Botched Ink Certified Technician!💯

🤩Botched Ink is a top of the line Saline Tattoo Removal solution, both for use in emergency removal and the removal of mature Permanent Makeup.

💡Do you have eyebrows that you would like to be lightened or removed? Message me!

🤷🏼‍♀️Why lighten and not cover? Aside from the obvious cases where the shapes, styles or colors are wrong... At some point the skin becomes too saturated with pigment. When this happens... the skin does not have room for the new pigment. We must lift some of the old pigment molecules to create room for new. This can also be extremely useful for lip tattoos past the vermillion border that have healed to a less then satisfactory result. 💋

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