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Post Care Instructions
for Eyebrows

Wiping and washing is needed to prevent thick scabs! Thick scabs = poor retention!


Day of Procedure- Cleanse the skin every 30-60 minutes for the first 6 hours using wipes provided by Becca or clean bottled water and cotton rounds.


After 6 hours have passed, wash your eyebrows using your fingertips with soap and water. Pat dry with a clean paper towel. Do not apply ointment until your eyebrows feel tight or dry. This is typically the next day.


Day 1-10 or (until scabs/flakes are gone and eyebrows are healed, some may take longer then 10 days): Wash gently 1 time per day using hands and cleanser provided approximately 10 seconds. (If you lose the cleanser, Dial Gold from a drugstore will work) Apply ointment VERY THIN 2 times daily as long as the skin is still scabbed/flakey, and even after. The ointment helps the skin to regenerate faster and better.





















Please note the final result cannot be judged until a minimum of 6 weeks. Even though most people appear to be healed on day 10, the pigment is covered by new skin and will not fully show up until the thick layer of new skin is not covering the pigment. This process usually takes 4+ weeks. Do not panic, they are not gone it is just part of the healing process. It is normal to have some patchiness after your first appointment which is why the touch up appointment is necessary. All skin heals different and following proper aftercare is needed.


Results are not guaranteed. Some people will need more than two sessions to get the results they desire. *These additional sessions are not included and will be charged the regular touch up price.


After healing it is necessary to maintain your results with a daily sunscreen. Fading will depend on your skin type, lifestyle, sun exposure, acids used, peels, etc.

Most people will return for annual touch ups after 1-3 years. After 36 months, it is considered a new procedure.


All services are nonrefundable.


If you had previous permanent makeup in the area I am treating, please be advised that you will not have the same results as someone who did not have previous permanent makeup. These pigments that have been previously applied by someone else can be hard to correct as we do not know what brand/type were used and there is usually some trauma to the skin.


Your results will be based on the canvas I have to work on.


If you have extremely oily or sun damaged, skin microblading or hair strokes will not work well for you. It will heal with a diffused softer look it can also heal ashy. Please feel free to contact me at any point during your healing process if questions arise.

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