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Babe Ink, LLC

1908 S Harvard Ave

Tulsa OK 74112


Babe Ink is located Inside the Institute for Beauty, Wellness & Regenerative Medicine.



Please turn west onto 19th and Harvard then turn left into the parking lot behind the brown single level building. Our back doors are not numbered, they are labeled "not an entry". The front doors have the numbers above them.


If you arrive early and you do not see Becca's pink car in the parking lot, wait in your car and text 918-899-2450 before walking around to the front door to enter. When you arrive to the front door you must RING THE BELL for entry. Because Harvard is a busy street it is difficult to hear us on the speaker at certain times of the day. Please pull the door handle when you hear the door click or someone speaking. We have an entry system that will not notify us you are at the door until the bell is pressed. If you have a hard time finding the suite number, please look for the decorative window film with Dr. Nicole's logo. There is a planter next to our front entrance, The door also has the practice logo on it. We do not have a large sign for Babe Ink, this is to limit the disruption of people showing up without appointments or requesting walk ins. My sign is located on the marquee sign between Pierponts Kitchen & Bath and the portion of the building where we are located.


We ask that you come to the door as close to your appointment time as possible, early arrivals of more than 10 minutes can disrupt the appointment before you if Becca is working alone that day.

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