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Post Care Instructions
for Eyeliner

Your eyes may be swollen. This is a normal reaction; some clients swell more than others. Swelling should start going down and your eyes should be looking better by the end of the second day.


Day 1-2

You may use artificial tears if your eyes feel dry.

If your eyes feel they need to be cleaned, use the wipes provided to gently press clean. Wash PM with a gentle cleanser.

Ice as needed.



Days 3-10

AM gently press your eyes clean with a wipe provided.

You may use artificial tears if your eyes feel dry.

Apply a very thin layer of ointment to your eyelids.

PM wash with a gentle cleanser or gently press clean with a wipe.

Always allow the eyelids to dry for 5-10 minutes after washing before applying a thin layer of ointment.


During Healing

Limit showers to 5 minutes.

Do not touch your eyes with unwashed hands.

Do not wear any eye makeup.

Avoid swimming and sweating, these activities could cause poor retention and lead to an infection.

Use a clean pillowcase.

Do not use eyelash serum.

Do not use a washcloth on your eyes.

Do not pick, peel, or lift any scabs/flakes even if you think they are no longer attached.

Avoid sun exposure, please wear a hat and sunglasses

when outdoors.


Once Healed:

Your flakes will have finished peeling at this point. Your eyes should no longer feel tender.

The color will appear softer and will take up to 8 weeks to bloom,

You may begin wearing eye makeup.

Please open a new tube of mascara.

You may get eyelash extensions 2 weeks after your procedure.

Do not get a eyelash lift or tint until 5 weeks post procedure.

Do not use eyelash serum until 2 months after your touchup appointment.


If questions arise during healing please text (918)899-2450

If infection occurs seek medical attention immediately and contact us at the number above

Touch up is scheduled 8-10 weeks after your appointment to ensure the skin is fully healed.

Please note the final result cannot be judged until a minimum of 4 weeks. Even though most people appear to be healed on day 10, the pigment is covered by new skin and will not fully show up until the thick layer of new skin is not covering the pigment. This process usually takes 4+ weeks. Do not panic, they are not gone it is just part of the healing process. It is normal to have some patchiness after your first appointment which is why the touch up appointment is necessary. All skin heals different and following proper aftercare is needed.


Results are not guaranteed. Some people will need more than two sessions to get the results they desire. *These additional sessions are not included and will be charged the regular touch up price.


After healing it is necessary to maintain your results with a daily sunscreen. Fading will depend on your skin type, lifestyle, sun exposure, acids used, peels, etc.


Most people will return for annual touch ups after 1-3 years. After 36 months, it is considered a new procedure.


All services are nonrefundable.


If you had previous permanent makeup in the area I am treating, please be advised that you will not have the same results as someone who did not have previous permanent makeup. These pigments that have been previously applied by someone else can be hard to correct as we do not know what brand/type were used and there is usually some trauma to the skin.


Your results will be based on the canvas I have to work on.

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