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Post Care Instructions
for Areolas

  • Expect some redness and tenderness for 48-72 hours

  • Do not remove the film applied by Becca for 1 week. If the film lifts, remove the film and wash the area with antibacterial soap. Pat dry then allow to dry 10 minutes before replacing the film with a new one.

  • For 2 weeks avoid:

  • Tanning, pools, lakes, baths, hot tubs, harsh soaps, aloe products, lotions, picking, touching, and sweating.

  • Use ointment or grapeseed oil for 1 week after the film is removed. Wash 2x per day with an antibacterial soap for 1 week after the film is removed.

  • The final color cannot be judged until 4-6 weeks. Some will require a second session. Areas with scar tissue may puff during treatment but will go down.

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