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Babe Ink

All Appointments: Please obtain a doctor’s release before your appointment if you have a heart condition, diabetes, lupus or are currently undergoing chemotherapy. 
Cancellation, Rescheduling, and No Shows 
You have 72 hours prior to your appointment time to cancel or reschedule without penalty. 

The booking fee is non-refundable. It is only able to be transferred if reschedule is outside the 72-hour window.  Booking fee is only valid for 6 months from the date it was initially placed (the date the card was charged).  If Cancellation is inside the 72-hour window, you will forfeit the previous booking fee and be required to pay a new booking fee at time of rescheduling.  
Booking Fees:
New Services: $150.00
Color Boosts: $100.00
Touchups: $50.00


A client with repetitive rescheduling or cancellations may be refused future services. 

All no shows will be charged an additional $150 no show fee to their card on file in addition to losing the deposit placed, regardless of the appointment type. This will be automatically charged to your card 20 minutes after your appointment start time. Please be advised that if you no show an appointment more than once. You will have to pay for the missed appointment in full before rescheduling. If you have a history of no shows and cancellations, you may be refused future services all together. Cancellations with less than 12 hours' notice will be charged a Late cancel fee of $50.00 to their card on file 

-If you arrive with previous permanent makeup and have not sent photos for clearance you will lose your booking fee and will not be eligible for the service.
-If you arrive to your eyeliner appointment with eyelash extensions on you will lose your booking fee and will not be eligible for the service.
-if you have a major medical condition and do not bring a letter from your doctor stating that you may have the procedure you will lose your booking fee and will not be eligible for the service.
-Color Refresh / Color Boost appointments and touchup rates are only eligible to Babe Ink clients where the most recent artistry was done by us. if you have been elsewhere since we have seen you last, you will lose your booking fee and be released as a client for that treatment area. 
-If pre care instructions are not followed you will lose your booking fee and be required to reschedule.


You will be charged according to what is needed regardless of if the wrong appointment type is selected. Some clients will require more than 2 sessions to achieve the results they desire. Follow ups are not included. All scheduling is done online, we do not take appointments by phone. 

If you pay in full or overpay for your appointment, we will not reimburse you for the processing fee that our payment processor charges us for your transaction. payment processing fees are non refundable.


Touchups and Color Refresh/Boosts are for perfecting and refreshing, they are not for changing colors and styles. Color Boost pricing is no longer available if it has been more than 36 months since your last session. After 36 months it is priced as a new service as it will take the full new service time space. 

All services are nonrefundable. 

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. 

Please text any questions to 918-899-2450 which is our preferred method of contact. If you need to email, please email us at


We are by appointment only. 

Our business contact hours are Monday- Friday 8:00am-5:00pm

*All messages received afterhours will be responded to during business hours.


Directions to our studio:

Please turn west onto 19th and Harvard then turn left into the parking lot behind the brown single level building. Our back doors are not numbered, they are labeled "not an entry".

If you arrive early and you do not see Becca's pink car in the parking lot. wait in your car and text 918-899-2450 before walking around to the front door to enter. When you arrive to the front door you must RING THE BELL for entry. Since Harvard is a busy street, it is difficult to hear us on the speaker at certain times of the day. Please pull the door handle when you hear the door click or someone speaking. We have an entry system that will not notify us you are at the door, until the bell is pressed. If you have a hard time finding the suite number, please look for the decorative window film with Dr. Nicole's logo. There is a planter next to our front entrance, The door also has the practice logo on it. We do not have a large sign for Babe Ink, this is to limit the disruption of people showing up without appointments, or requesting walk ins. Our small sign is located on the marquee sign between Pierponts Kitchen & Bath and the portion of the building where we are located.

We ask that you come to the door as close to your appointment time as possible, early arrivals of more than 10 minutes can disrupt the appointment before you if Becca is working alone that day.

If you are running a few minutes behind, please text us 918-899-2450. Late Arrivals of more than 15 minutes will need to be rescheduled and will forfeit their booking fee or discounted touchup cost depending on service type. You will be automatically charged the no show fee 20 minutes after your scheduled appointment time.

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