Ombre Brows

Style of Powder Brow / Microshading
*the Touchup appointment 8-12 weeks after your initial appointment is $100.00

Ombré Eyebrows
Ombré brows heal to resemble a soft powdered look. These brows are ideal for all skin types and heal beautifully. Ombre Brows are done by a machine, they are not the 1980's style eyebrow tattoo. The majority of women desire the look of healed Ombré brows as opposed to Microblading. Ombré brows last longer the Microblading and age better.

Combo Brows

Hybrid Brows
*the Touchup appointment 8-12 weeks after your initial appointment is $100.00

Combo Brows
A combination of Hairstroke Brows by machine and Powdered Brows also referred to as a Hybrid Brow Tattoo. Becca will style your brows, emphasizing them while complementing the rest of your facial features. This is very useful if you have sparse or faint-colored brows. With Becca's high attention to detail, you can have very natural-looking brows with Permanent Makeup.

Babe Lips

Medium Opacity Lip Blush Tattoo
*the Touchup appointment 8-12 weeks after your initial appointment is $150.00

Babe Lips are a style of lip blushing that heal with medium opacity. This is technique is necessary when selecting a light shade, covering uneven lip tissue or for achieving a more lipstick looking effect.

Aquarelle Lip Blush

Sheer Lip Tint
*the Touchup appointment 8-12 weeks after your initial appointment is $150.00

What is Lip Blushing? Lip Blushing is often referred to as Aquarelle Lips. It is a lip tattoo that heals to a sheer veil of color. It can be done very light and natural or more bold depending on the desired look of the client. This style of lip tattoo does make the lips appear more full. This is due to the  new redefined border created. As we age, our borders lighten and become uneven. This modern day style of Lip Permanent Makeup is a beautiful choice for anyone looking to enhance their lips. It can be done on lips with lip injections or without. 
Tulsa Lip Blushing

Areola Pigmentation

Tulsa Areola Tattoo

Areola Pigmentation is most commonly done post mastectomy. The Image above is a 3D Areola Tattoo on flat skin. Another reason someone may consider this service is post Mastopexy, more commonly called a Breast Lift. This can be beneficial if the scar from the lift has left an uneven border, tissue necrosis occurred, or to simply blend the scar into the natural Areola.

Eyelash Enhancement Eyeliner

Natural Eyeliner Tattoo
Upper: Initial Service $400
Lower $175.00
8-12 week touchup
Upper $125.00
Lower $75
Upper & Lower $175

Eyelash Enhancement Eyeliner is the thinnest most natural style of eyeliner. The purpose of this style is to achieve a more defined lash line. 

Small Shaded Eyeliner / Softliner

Subtle Shaded Upper Eyeliner Tattoo
Initial Session $475
8-12 week touchup is $125.00

A step up from Eyelash Enhancement Eyeliner. Softliner defines your lash line and adds shading to give a bit more defined look with a soft border.

Baby Foxyliner

Gradient Shaded Upper Eyeliner Tattoo
Initial Session $525
8-12 week touchup is $125.00

Foxyliner utilizes 3+ shades of pigment to achieve a gradient soft look. Black is done throughout the lash line gradually softening into shading of purples, blues, greys, browns, or greens. This style is best on a Smooth lid with minimal capillaries.

Eyeshadow Eyeliner

Larger Shaded Eyeliner Tattoo
Initial session $550
8-12 week touchup is $125.00

This is a Slightly larger style of eyeliner ideal for someone who always wears eyeliner. This technique is done with 1 shade of Black to give a more defined eyeliner look with soft shading above.

All scheduling is through the link at the top of the page. If you have additional questions please text Becca. You may also click the Instagram icon and view the story highlights for more information about the services and healing.