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Welcome to Babe Ink Academy!

Becca has been approved to be a Medical Micropigmentation Instructor by the Oklahoma State Department of Health. Please read the information below for course details.

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Come Train With Becca

Your dream career is waiting for you!

-Becca has spent the last 15 years in the Beauty Industry. Before beginning her career in Permanent Cosmetics, she worked as a Makeup Artist nearly a decade. Due to her extensive training and multiple certifications, she is able to provide you with a level knowledge that is unsurpassed. 

-She has successfully completed thousands of procedures. 

-Becca frequently attends continuing education. She believes it incredibly important for industry leaders to continue learning as the permanent cosmetic industry is continually evolving. This ensures you are being given the most current and advanced education. 


Oklahoma Requirements

-You must be 21 years of age
-Have a high school diploma or equivalent 
-Have a valid driver's license or government ID 
-Affidavit of Lawful Presence (U.S. Citizen)
-Notarized Birth Certificate
-You may not have a felony or misdemeanor (a crime of moral turpitude).

Medical Oversight

After you complete your course, in order to legally work as a permanent makeup artist in Oklahoma, you must work under a physician from the office that they see their patients from. This must be a MD, DO or DDS. Students are responsible for finding their own physician to work under after graduating.

Upcoming Basic Courses

Our upcoming Oklahoma courses will begin:

Spring- March 20, 2023

Fall- Mid August of 2023

Basic Course Pricing

 Please scroll down to the Oklahoma Fundamentals Training option below and click the "more information" button to review pricing and all requirements. 

Oklahoma Approved Fundamental & Advanced Trainings

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Oklahoma Approved Permanent Makeup Courses

Upcoming Course Dates:

 Our spring course will begin:

March 20, 2023

(Currently Enrolling)

On Mondays & Wednesdays during the day.

Completion date will be late June/early July 2023. It will vary based on the completion date of your last model.

Our fall course will begin August of 2023

(4 seats remaining)

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This course is a fundamental course. In our Oklahoma approved basic course you will learn the most popular styles of permanent makeup that are suitable for nearly all ages (18+) and skin types. In this course you will learn Ombre Powder Eyebrows, Lip Blushing, and Eyelash Enhancement Eyeliner. These Styles are highly sought after and are the services with which Babe Ink was established. Upon completing your course, and obtaining your license, you will be able to expand your services by attending advanced courses for the techniques you wish to add. in this course, we will focus on equipping you with the fundamentals necessary for a successful career in permanent makeup.

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Now Offering

Advanced Training

We will begin offering advanced courses in 2023 for already established artists.

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Advanced Training

Advanced training is available to artists with a minimum of 6 moths of machine experience.

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Classes Offered

-Lip Blushing

-Ombre Powder Eyebrows

-Eyelash Enhancement Eyeliner

-Shaded Eyeliner


One Day Private Class

One-day private, advanced, courses are ideal for those who have already been thoroughly trained on the service. These are artists looking to advance their skills. 

Our one-day course includes:

Classroom Training

Latex Practice

A Recorded Demo

A Live Model

Training Total $1850.00

Booking Fee $500.00


Two Day Private Class

Two-day private, advanced, courses are ideal for those who are looking to add a new service. Or, for those who have been previously trained but do not feel they had a thorough training.

Our two-day course includes:

More Extensive Classroom Training

A Recorded Demonstration

Latex Practice

A Live Demonstration

A Live Model

Training Total $2900.00

Booking Fee $750.00

What Procedures Will I Learn?

Our Oklahoma course focuses on machine work. You will learn ombre powder brows, lash enhancement eyeliner and lip blushing.

How Long Is The Oklahoma Course?

The Oklahoma fundamental course is 300 hours. During this course you will also complete 18 procedures. The student is responsible for finding their models. The models will be for eyelash enhancement eyeliner, ombre brows and lip blushing.

Student Kit

All of our students for the Oklahoma approved course will receive a kit. This kit will include a machine, power supply, pigments and so much more!

Financial Aid

Please contact your financial institution. Financial aid is not available through Babe Ink at this time.

Class Size

Our basic course is an intimate class size in order for you to learn comfortably and efficiently.

Who Is Medical Micropigmentation Overseen By?

In Oklahoma, we are overseen by the Oklahoma State Department of Health. If you are already a healthcare professional or cosmetologist, your hours will not transfer or be used as credit as we are overseen by a different board.

Are There Any Additional State Fees?

Yes, upon completing the program there will be a application and background check fee of approximately $515. Once approved there will be a state testing fee of approximately $200.

Are There Any Additional Costs Other Than State Fees and Tuition?

You will need to have your Bloodborne Certification and CPR Certification. These can be done online for a reasonable cost.

Is There A Fee To Be A Model?

Yes, the fee to be a model is $150. The procedures are done under Becca's direct supervision. This cost covers the procedure supplies and aftercare.

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