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Post Care Instructions
for Lips

  • Keep applying Aquaphor or ointment as needed, meaning as soon as the lips start to feel dry. Lips can bruise after the procedure. If bruising occurs, it usually goes away within 24 hours. The lips may still be swollen, please do not ice them. Always keep lips moist, do not let them become dry.

  • Wash your lips 1-2 times daily very gently.

  • Apply ointment if the skin is still scabbed and after. The ointment helps the skin to regenerate faster and better.

  • Avoid water (for the PMU area)- no sweating, saunas, lakes, pools, oceans or tanning. Please wear a hat if you are outdoors.

  • Avoid sun exposure to lips for 30 days. After these 30 days continue to use an spf 30-50 lip balm when outdoors.

  • Do not pick or peel any scabs this can cause scarring and remove pigment.

  • Do not use any ointments other than those listed above.

  • Avoid salty foods or soups during healing.

  • One month following the procedure do not use anything containing acids around the lips.

  • Be cautious when brushing teeth not to get toothpaste on the lips.

  • Lips can appear healed in a few days for some however they are not, please be mindful of this.

  • Everyone’s skin has its own healing process and duration. Lips will peel anywhere from day 2-7 then you will notice clear skin peeling. This will stop then the color will look light. Sometimes lips take 6 weeks for the color to fully return.

  • Touch up will be scheduled 8-10 weeks after your appointment to ensure the skin is fully healed. If you develop a cold sore touch up will be 10 weeks after.


COLD SORES: will most likely pop-up days 3-5 for individuals with hsv-1. You MUST pretreat and follow your doctor’s orders. You may text us your full name, date of birth and pharmacy phone number for my Tulsa overseeing physician.


If you have never had a cold sore L-Lysine is a natural remedy to prevent them if taken 1-2 weeks pre and post procedure. It is possible for someone who has never had an outbreak to still have the virus.

The trauma caused will trigger the response of cold sores for these individuals.

Please note the final result cannot be judged until a minimum of 4 weeks. Even though most people appear to be healed on day 10, the pigment is covered by new skin and will not fully show up until the thick layer of new skin is not covering the pigment. This process usually takes 4+ weeks. Do not panic, they are not gone it is just part of the healing process. It is normal to have some patchiness after your first appointment which is why the touch up appointment is necessary. All skin heals different and following proper aftercare is needed.


Results are not guaranteed. Some people will need more than two sessions to get the results they desire. *These additional sessions are not included and will be charged the regular touch up price.


After healing it is necessary to maintain your results with a daily sunscreen. Fading will depend on your skin type, lifestyle, sun exposure, acids used, peels, etc.


Most people will return for annual touch ups after 1-3 years. After 36 months, it is considered a new procedure.


All services are nonrefundable.


If you had previous permanent makeup in the area I am treating, please be advised that you will not have the same results as someone who did not have previous permanent makeup. These pigments that have been previously applied by someone else can be hard to correct as we do not know what brand/type were used and there is usually some trauma to the skin.


Your results will be based on the canvas I have to work on.

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