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Nicotine Products and Permanent Makeup or Tattoos

👋🏻Let’s talk about smoking... 🚬 Particularly, what smoking does to the skin which in turn affects your healing and long term results. 🛑

Smoking slows the healing process because less oxygen is delivered to your wound. It takes 3 days without smoking to get rid of all the carbon monoxide in your blood. It takes a minimum of 3 days without smoking for the oxygen to build back up in your blood stream.

Skin elasticity is an issue beyond just aging and hydration. If you happen to be a smoker, it can also change your skin, and your tattoos, in turn.


Did you know, smoking can lead to poor skin elasticity... as well as, premature fading in tattoos &#permanentmakeup☹️ 👵🏻 Smoking reduces collagen production in the skin which is the key ingredient in maintaining your skin's elasticity. This can lead to pigment fanning and fading... As far as healing goes, those who smoke (cigarettes and nicotine products) at at a higher risk of infection due to Nicotine, it causes your arteries to spasm and become narrow. When an artery that sends blood to your skin is narrow, it is not able to bring blood and nutrients to a wound. Without the blood and nutrients, your wound does not get the things it needs to heal... can you still have the procedure? Yes, but it would be best to stop nicotine products a minimum of a few days before. 💕

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