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Eyelash Extensions & Your Permanent Eyeliner Appointment

💗Yes, Eyelash Extensions must be removed prior to your eyeliner appointment. 😩BUT WHY? There are numerous reasons for this. I will explain a couple of the key reasons.

1) 🦠 They can harbor bacteria that could lead to an infection of your new eyeliner tattoo. Many ladies struggle with proper eyelash cleansing, it is much more common then you realize.

2) 🤦🏼‍♀️During your appointment, the constant wiping WILL pull and catch on them. It will be painful to you and cause unnecessary pain and inflammation. Also, it will pull out the majority of your extensions.

🥳What can you do instead? A week prior to your appointment you CAN have your extensions removed and opt for a lash lift and tint. 💖Extensions may be put back on 2 weeks after your appointment.

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