Who can Tattoo your face legally?

Let’s talk Medical Micropigmentation laws here in Oklahoma..... 💕Medical Micropigmentation, Cosmetic Tattooing, #Microblading & Permanent Makeup are all under this license. 🤷🏼‍♀️How do I know my artist is LEGALLY working? 🙌🏻They WILL be located inside a Doctors office where the Doctor actually sees patients.

Clarification: Some Physicians oversee multiple Medical Spa locations but the Doctor himself or herself does not see patients on a weekly basis from that location.... This is not considered a Doctors office. 💯 ❤️Ask to see your artists License & check the expiration date. No qualified artist will ever be offended by this. This license will be through the Oklahoma State Department of Health if it is valid for that artist to work here.

Side note: many states certify artists in weekend classes.... 😳 that’s right I said WEEKEND. I can’t imagine learning everything in a weekend. The truth hundreds of procedures to fully know what you are doing as an artist. 💋You should also ask if they attend continuing education. Unfortunately, this is not a requirement. Many of us invest thousands yearly on these classes and conferences to ensure we are offering you the best techniques and perfect our skills.

If you are not in Oklahoma, check with your state to find out your #artists laws.

I am continuously being called by people who are getting work done at these places and needing it corrected. I can not correct many of the things I am seeing and it makes me so sad for these ladies. Please educate yourself and do some research before just assuming someone is licensed. Also, if there is a large price difference (hundreds of dollars) between artists... it is typically because one invests in their business to do everything legally and ethically and one cuts corners. ❤️No matter what state you are in, your artist should be licensed in that state, insured & Bloodbourne Pathogen Certified. 💯In Oklahoma we are also required to be in a Physicians office & CPR Certified. ☝🏼One more thing, MEDICAL MICROPIGMENTATION is NOT overseen by the #Cosmetology Board.... it is a completely different license. Bonus if your #artist has both! 😉👸🏼 #me

Becca Fuller

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