Vigorous Oral Activities- what not to do during healing.

👀Yep.... I’m going there.👀#sorrynotsorry

Thanks @adie_injects for coining a term I find appropriate for the title of this post. 😏

👄Post Lip Blushing, you should refrain from any vigorous oral activity for a MINIMUM of 7-10 days.👄

Here is why:

💯Your lip skin is still open and this makes the area susceptible to infection. We do not need additional bacteria from your partner on them. This is an open wound! 🤷🏼‍♀️Would you let someone lick your fresh arm tattoo? Don’t let them lick your fresh lip tattoo!🙅🏼‍♀️

💯Friction will cause the lips to peel prematurely, potentially causing color loss... or, a healed result similar to someone who did not follow aftercare and picked. Picking=Patches 😟

🤍I am frequently asked this question, that is the purpose of this post. Please plan your lip appointment accordingly. Example: Valentines Day, Birthdays and Anniversaries are probably not the best week for your lip appointment if you have a partner. 💋

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